Sheryl J. Anderson


Sheryl Anderson’s childhood ambition was to be a novelist, but the journey’s been filled with more twists than she had ever anticipated. When her high school creative writing teacher chastised her for her penchant for “clever dialogue,” pointing out that a short story was not a sitcom, Sheryl was inspired rather than deterred.  She turned her sights to playwriting, becoming a theatre major at the College of William and Mary and winning a number of writing awards.  Following graduation, Sheryl was lured from thoughts of Broadway by a classmate who proclaimed the television industry full of opportunities.  Relocating to L.A., Sheryl worked as a television development executive while striving to “break in” to writing sitcoms, in fulfillment of the creative writing teacher’s prophecy.  Writing gigs on comedies including Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and Dave’s World followed.  Sheryl’s path then took her to television drama with shows such as Charmed and Flash Gordon.  

Throughout her journey, the desire to write a novel remained and has now been fulfilled in the Molly Forrester novels, a series of mysteries in which Sex And The City meets Murder, She Wrote.  These Manhattan murder mysteries—Killer Heels, Killer Cocktail, Killer Deal, Killer Riff—blend all the things Sheryl loves most: comedy, dramatic intrigue, and snappy dialogue.

Sheryl lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Mark E. Parrott, and their two children.  She and Mark (her writing partner) are currently developing a new mystery series.

Sheryl is also an adjunct faculty member in the MFA program in Screenwriting at Pepperdine University and a co-founder of The Poiema Project, a television writers’ workshop.

“Anderson is an excellent writer . . . an author who will keep you coming back for more.” — Mystery News, 01/01/08

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