Stephen P. Kanar
Bantam Books/Random House, Inc.
February 2000
Genre: Fiction
Format: Mass-Market Origina

Welcome to the future, when organ transplants have become commonplace, and replacement organs are allocated according to a system that quantifies everyone’s conduct, health, and importance to society based on a point system: a Justification—or J—Factor.

David West, a new heart surgeon, inadvertently performs an unauthorized transplant on his patient . . . who is then murdered. Could it really be to protect the International Organ Replacement Corporation’s worldwide monopoly? Is this powerful corporation—so powerful it has treaties with every nation—really deciding who lives and who dies?

On the run for his own life, West meets a young attorney, Janette Compton, and together they struggle to unravel the truth about the murder and to expose the IORC before they and hundreds of others find out just how far IORC will go to protect its monopoly.

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