The Inspiring True Story of a Boy's Struggle to Survive and Triumph

Mark Patinkin
Warner Center Street
September 2005
Genre: Biography/Inspirational
Format: Hardcover

While out with his family one night, six-year-old Andrew Bateson feels suddenly feverish.  Although they do not yet know it, Andrew has bacterial meningitis, one of the fastest moving of all infections, at times comparable to Ebola in the speed of its impact on the body.

Over the next three weeks, as Andrew lies in a coma, the hospital fights an often minute-by-minute battle to keep him alive.  Overwhelmed, Andrew’s parents pull away from each other, and their friends wonder if the marriage will survive.  His father Scott sinks into anger and depression—at one point retreating to the hospital's outdoor garden, where he looks furiously skyward.  "I hate you," Scott yells at God.  "I hate you for this."

UP AND RUNNING is a riveting medical story, an engrossing family drama, and a story of faith tested to its limits.  But even though Andrew’s illness has a terrible price—both of his legs were amputated below the knee, and doctors feared he'd never use his hands again—UP AND RUNNING is ultimately an inspirational true story of triumph over impossible odds.  Andrew's astonishing, heartbreaking comeback will make a believer out of you.

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