Joe Weber

Ballantine/Presidio Press
Genre: Thriller
Format: Trade Paperback (December 2003)

ASSURED RESPONSE is a riveting, all-too-real, thriller about the next terrorist attack on America.  A new generation of terrorists will stop at nothing in their fanatical quest to destroy the United States.  Conventional security is no longer enough.  Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan (PRIMARY TARGET and DANCING WITH THE DRAGON) are the government’s newest secret weapons – so secret that their very existence is denied by the officials who hired them.  Their mission is to prevent a plan of nuclear holocaust that will begin at the Canadian border and explode in the centers of American power.  From a shocking sarin attack on a legendary ocean liner to the stalking of oil refineries by aircraft filled with deadly explosives, no attack is too insidious, no symbol of strength and freedom immune.  For Dalton and Sullivan, their expertise has never been more necessary – their bravery never more needed – than in a world where unrepentant evil requires an ASSURED RESPONSE. 

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Audio Rights: Random House
Film & TV Rights The Zack Company
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