A Tale of Relenting Horror

Peter David
Genre: Fantasy Thriller
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Are you sick of vampires?

So is Vince Hammond.

 Are you tired of vampire hunters, fearless, cheerleading or otherwise?

So is Vince Hammond.

And he has reason to be fed up with both of them.  Vince, in his early 20s, is a Body Man.  The Body Men are members of an underground vampire hunting and slaying organization called the Chevaliers de Sang. They are a secret order that has been hunting down vampires since the time of the French Revolution (a cleansing of vampires from nobility cloaked as a societal revolt).  The Chevaliers are dividied into Garrisons throughout the country, and Vince is a member of Garrison 13 in New York City.  Vince’s mom, Dina Hammond, is also a member of the Garrison, but lost a leg in the same disastrous raid that killed her husband, Vince’s dad.  So now she focuses all her energy on overseeing Vince’s vampire hunting career, while at the same time being obsessed with Vince’s seeming lack of a social life.

Unfortunately, what she doesn’t know is that Vince is a vampire.  And if she ever finds out, she’ll kill him.  And matters aren’t simplified when, as per the traditions of the Chevaliers, he’s introduced to his fiancée, another vampire slayer who wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to learn that she’s being asked to marry one of the creatures she’s supposed to hunt and kill.  Mixed marriages can be such a pain...

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