A Pale Light in the Black

A Pale Light in the Black

A NeoG Novel

The rollicking first entry in a unique science fiction series that introduces the Near-Earth Orbital Guard—NeoG—a military force patrolling and protecting space inspired by the real-life mission of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Series: NeoG
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 9780062887788
List Price: $25.99
eBook Price: $12.99
Audiobook Price: $26.94
About the Book

For the past year, their close loss in the annual Boarding Games has haunted Interceptor Team: Zuma’s Ghost. With this year’s competition looming, they’re looking forward to some payback—until an unexpected personnel change leaves them reeling. Their best swordsman has been transferred, and a new lieutenant has been assigned in his place.

Maxine Carmichael is trying to carve a place in the world on her own—away from the pressure and influence of her powerful family. The last thing she wants is to cause trouble at her command on Jupiter Station. With her new team in turmoil, Max must overcome her self-doubt and win their trust if she’s going to succeed. Failing is not an option—and would only prove her parents right.

But Max and the team must learn to work together quickly. A routine mission to retrieve a missing ship has suddenly turned dangerous, and now their lives are on the line. Someone is targeting members of Zuma’s Ghost, a mysterious opponent willing to kill to safeguard a secret that could shake society to its core . . . a secret that could lead to their deaths and kill thousands more unless Max and her new team stop them.

Rescue those in danger, find the bad guys, win the Games. It’s all in a day’s work at the NeoG.

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About the Author
K. B. Wagers

K. B. Wagers is the author of the Indranan War and the Farian War trilogies—both from Orbit Books—about the gunrunner empress Hail Bristol. She is also the author of the forthcoming NeoG series from Harper Voyager.

Katy lives in the shadow of Colorado's Pikes Peak with her partner and a crew of poorly behaved cats. She's especially proud of her second-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and her three Tough Mudder completions. There's never really a moment when she's not writing, but she does enjoy fountain pens and good whiskey.

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